Comfortable in Pink


Now I’ve never been the type to celebrate Valentines Day just because I think it’s a bit silly haha. Plus I’ve been with my boyfriend so long that we just use it as an excuse to buy more food and candy than we probably actually need.. oops. Let’s also not forget that if you’re a single pringle that doesn’t mean anything, give love to your friends or your family and use this as an excuse to spoil someone whose been down or go out and get your momma some flowers! For those of you who do enjoy Valentines Day. I hope your day is filled with love and the best chocolate you could possibly get.

Now onto the outfit! Growing up I’ve got to admit that I was that girl who loathed anything pink. Kinda sure  it was because my dad always wanted me to be a boy and avoided buying me anything pink LOL. Anyways I’ve gotten over that (kind of.. I still hate hot pink) and decided to pull out all the pink for today’s outfit in true cheesy Valentines Day fashion 🙂 But since you guys know me, y’all probably would’ve guess that I’d opt out of wearing fancy dresses and went straight to my jeans and sneakers! I love having an excuse to dress up for fancy dates but just Valentines day isn’t normally one of those for me. Instead I picked up these faded pink mom jeans from my most favorite store EVER, Zara and wore a simple T that I’ve had for awhile. For some added pink cliche-ness I threw on this pretty choker I got from Christmas that I’m pretty sure is from Forever21 and threw on my favorite shoes to complete the look! And there we go, another simple look by me BUT this time with more color so that counts as a non repetitive theme right?…. probably not LOL. But spring is coming and I usually revamp my wardrobe then so be on the look out for new colorful posts 🙂

Have a great day BBs!

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