Falling for Florals


Happy October babes!

it’s officially time to break out the pumpkins, sweaters, and Halloween movies for fall and I don’t know about you but I’m pumped! Before I break out the cozy layered outfits I have a summer meets fall outfit because Seattle decided to randomly have a 80 degrees day in the middle of September which is basically unbeleafable.

I decided to take advantage of the warm weather and wear this off the shoulder dress I got from Target. To keep myself in the fall mood I purposely chose this mustard yellow dress to match the changing leaves color scheme. Also if you couldn’t tell this dress just screams “Awkward Spud” because of the florals and frilly sleeves. I know my last post was about a floral outfit but hey, I keep falling for them (ok last fall pun sorry lool). I’m currently back in University so my outfit choices may be questionable throughout the week due to pure laziness but, this dress made it look like I put effort into looking nice without being overly dressy. I layered a jean jacket on top when it got chilly to keep the look basic. I paired these flats from Payless that you’ve seen before and will probably see a lot this season because of the brown suede. And that’s the outfit! A simple outfit for those of us who are secretly holding onto summer but love fall just as much!

Before you leaf! (hehe couldn’t keep it in)

There are new changes and content coming to The Awkward Spud, I’ve been putting off blogging to plan out where I wanted to take this blog and I think I’m finally happy to how this page is going to turn out so don’t forget to keep coming back 🙂 Have a great day everyone!




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